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I'm attempting to mount a set of Wixom bags on my R60/5. I have the brackets, but not the hardware (bolts, etc.).
The right bracket was designed with a quick-release mechanism so you could swing it down to get the seat open.
In my research I found this picture of the special bolts that go into the right shock mount and seat rail to mount the right bracket:

I'm assuming the bolt on the left (with the hole) goes in the shock mount, and the bracket is secured to it with a cotter pin.
I'm also assuming the one on right just slips into the bracket hole with no further support.

Now, on the right bracket itself, the hole for the shock mount bolt is much bigger than the other mounting holes.
Also, the inside of this hole has serrations. I'm going to make another assumption here: I think there was some sort of spring setup attached to the bracket (inserted in this hole) in such a way that the spring compressed when the bracket was pushed onto the shock mount bolt, and pushed back on the cotter pin when it was in place. The extension on the head of the bolt would go though the inside of the spring coil and through the bracket.

Does anyone know if these assumptions are correct? Does anyone have a picture of what all this is supposed to look like?