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I have acquired a 1941 BMW Side Car don't know much about it looking to put a fair value on it and find out some history to sell it ,needs some restoration but would make someone a neat bike in the end.

  • bmw_motorcycle_030.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_015.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_007.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_004.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_010.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_009.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_016.jpg
  • bmw_motorcycle_024.jpg
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That all looks Chang

That all looks Chang Jiang...even the same as this picture:



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Thanks it does look like

Thanks it does look like that, title says BMW but the engine has some Chinese lettering that had me a little baffled, just trying to put a value on it and move it out of the garage thanks for the help.

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I'm a CJ guy...

where is the bike located?
Thanks, Don in Dallas


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Chang Jiang site here

You could advertise the bike here http://www.changjiangunlimited.com/ I'd love one - be the only way I'd ever get an M72 these days.....


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Its a Chang Jiang, hands down

Its a Chang Jiang, hands down clear as day...


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