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Can someone give me some info on What would be the first oversize piston for this bike ? I don't understand if there is a difference between early 1960 R60's and later model R60 pistons due to difference in rod size?
What brand of pistons are the best and which ones to stay away from?

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Look at Vech's on-line store

Look at Vech's on-line store at these part numbers for the rods:

R60 -- 11 24 0 017 032
R60/2 -- 11 24 0 017 701

He mentions different crank pins. The bore and stroke is the same for both models - 72mm bore by 73mm stroke. First over is 72.5mm bore.

I don't know about rods being different lengths...they could be and the difference is made up by dimensional differences in the piston the wrist pin goes...ie, there's a difference between the center of the wrist pin and the top of the piston crown.

Vech seems to only offer Koblen Schmidt pistons. That's probably the best thing to go with.


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