Trustee Mac Kirkpatrick’s principal hobby is traveling by BMW motorcycle, both old and new. He owns about 16 BMW motorcycles including R90Ss, R100RSs, an R27, a K1200RS, R80G/Ss, an F800GS and an R1200GS Adventure. When his bikes are not ridden, they are stored are in a mini museum in his basement. He travels 20 to 25,000 miles yearly by motorcycle, attend all the BMW rallies and bike events he can, has traveled by motorcycle in all 50 states, in Europe, Canada and briefly in Mexico and still does the occasional 1000 miles/day. He is currently prepping two R80G/Ss to travel in Mexico and central and South America. He rides a motorcycle unless he must drive a car for some reason, or if there is ice, snow or salt on the roads.