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Over the past few years I have been really trying to figure out the little tweaks to get the best power out of my 1960 R50. I have it tuned really good now, idles nice, sounds great, etc. A few things I have already done to try and get it running stronger was:

1) I always keep good/new plugs in it.
2) I installed the larger air cleaner on it (like one found on an R69S), removed the small stock version.
3) I have Hoske exhaust pipes on it, and I kept the headers on the ends. I heard if you remove those headers on the end, performance goes down the tubes, is that true?
4) Right now I have a few accessories installed, like: crash bars, Hella horns, and Enduro bags. While I am sure it would run faster without this little bit of weight, I don't think removing these things would make that much difference?

I keep the bike in good shape, keep it clean, and don't ride it too hard. Where I live I have to be careful with the heat, as it's typically 36-38c outside during most the mid day.

I am just curious if I am trying to get something else out of this bike, that just isn't possible? My main concern is first gear is dead slow, no acceleration at all. Once in second, ok the show finally gets started. But I also worry that cruising at 120kph for many hours will give the bike a heart attack?

Once last question, is an R60 or R69 all that much different? I mean, is there a drastic difference in the bikes from an R50? I know R69 is going to give you that top speed, but its it really that much different of a ride, power feeling?