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This is my first post and I know what I'm asking is probably a very easy thing to do.

Boarder line laughable actually but as I'm really new to renovating bikes (this is my first time) I'm really scared about forcing and damaging something.

I'd rather ask and feel stupid than force something and make things worse. I hope whoever reads this understands.

Anyway... So I just bought a 1973 R50/5 and I need to replace the indicator relay. I want/need to open the headlamp up to do this (as well as see the state of play for the rest of the wiring).

There are two holes. The one closer to front of the lamp is wider than the other and looks like someone has already tried to pop it open with I'm guessing a screwdriver (a flat head screwdriver will fit very comfortably in it).

Is this what I should be doing to get it off?

Am I pushing in and up or in and then trying lever something??

And how much pressure should I be applying if yes???

I'm a big fan of detail too so if anyone responds to my post please don't hold back on all the little extras that may help.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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