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Just found it at the flea market. Any idea what does it belong to?
Year? Model?

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There was a recent post on

There was a recent post on older speedometers. This website has info on the various speedos used by BMW for the /2 models:


SWF was one of the manufacturers that was used. The "11.69" on the back indicates the build date of the speedo...that would seem to suggest it was very, very late in the run of /2s...if not after, since the first /5 models were being produced probably August/September 1969. W=0.75 would seem to suggest that it was one of those listed in the above link, bikes with the 25:8 rear drive. As I recall, I thought the 25:7 final drive gave way to the 25:8 for use with the 4.00 rear tire. The 25:7 drive was typically used with the 3.50 inch rear tire.


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