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I'm question is simple at moment the carburetor's that we can buy are "replica" from original Bing or we can find the "true" Bing Carburetor. The replica i'm remember the usual Blitz.

In my case maybe i will need something for BMW R51/3...let's see if i make a deal and get a twin after my R26!!
And one of my concern's is that two carburetor in motorcycle that i can buy. Bing 1/24/142...I read some manual's and these references don't belong to BMW R51/3.

Thanks and Regards from Portugal!

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According to

According to this:


the 141/142 were R67; the 139/140 were R51/3. The settings are very, very close, the only difference being in the main jet size.


Kurt in S.A.
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