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can anyone help me with any tips on getting old solo seat rubber off and mostly back on over metal frame .It seems almost impossible I also have a PAGUSA solo rack seat to do .Anyone with experience that can help? thanks mark


mark morgan

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Search on...

..."BMW Einzylinderzentrum"...go to "einzylinder forum"...go to "Tipps und Tricks"...go to "Satteldecken bespannen"...instructions for doing what you ask are there in both german and english, from several different sources, using a variety of home brew techniques. The PaGuSa rubber is thicker-better quality than the Denfeld, and somewhat more difficult mount, but you can do it! It's much easier to do in summertime, or after softening the rubber cover in hot water.

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Mark, I did this recently


I did this recently with a PAGUSA seat cover on my R25/3. I used 2 ratchet straps anchored to my metal workbench and then to a piece of angle iron I mounted to the seat frame. It took a fair amount of tension to get the cover on and this same tension along with the final shape of the seat makes the seat want to bend in the middle and it is difficult to line up the holes with the front and rear frame pieces.

It took me a couple tries to get it together. I did grease the seat frame holes. I did not heat the cover first and it was pretty cold when I did this, so heating may have helped.

I liked the VW jack solution, if I were doing more of these I'd make something like that.



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