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it can be R51?

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I'm not that familiar with

I'm not that familiar with the R51s, but that style of output flange shows on both the R51/2 and R51/3 parts pictures, though it's not listed (likely means it's not available):


Sometimes these pictures are fairly generic, too. At least the worm gear aspect is the same...to drive the speedometer cable.


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It could be...

...and at least it's a early version, designed for a BMW that doesn't have the Hardy disk cover, i.e., production before 1952. The later ones have little slots on the outside circumference of the flange at allow access to the three cover retainer cap screws. Maybe it's best to buy a new one if your rebuilding such a desirable item as a R51 prewar gearbox?

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Thanks You are absolutely

You are absolutely right,if its R51 I only need to buy the corret spedometer gear.

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Certainly looks like an R51

Certainly looks like an R51 output flange Looks in good order except maybe some scoring in the taper?? If the taper is in good condition just clean it and reuse , if it is scored the take some valve grinding paste apply it to the shaft insert and rotate back and forth say ten times then remove it rotate the shaft 45 deg then rotate another ten times and so on till the surface is clean . If the scores are deep you might only get say 90 % clean up , that will often be enough, make sure you clean both tapers with MEK and assemble dry cheers Peter

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