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I am looking for front and back shock for my 1956 bmw r50 sidecar. I inherited the bike from my grandfather, spend countless of hours on it when I was still in school. This is why the bike was then left to me.

I had the bike restored last year, but had to move from Johannesburg to Cape town for work. I wanted to restore the bike myself, but with little knowledge and I family, I decided to leave it to the professionals. However, after the bike spend 14 months, R 20 000 later and the police involved I got the bike back in parts. The front and back shocks missing.

I am now restoring the bike myself, but I can not in a good mind spend the amount of money for new shocks again, it will not be fair to my family. I am however willing to pay for them if the price is rite.

I am in need of the front and back shocks, or the following to complete them, as I got my hands on some parts.

1. Back Shocks.
- Shock absorbed with nut
- Shock absorbed seals
- Bottom rings
- Cover bottom.

2. Front Shocks.
- Bottoming rings
- Shock absorbed complete
- Shock absorbed seal
- Top cover
- Bottom Cover

The naming of these items are from the R50 parts manual.

All help would be much appreciated, as I would like to get the bike back ion order for my Grand father.

My personal information is:
sel. +2783 709 0578
bbm code.

I have also got whatsapp