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Looking for the best source for /2 parts. That is new rubber parts for the bike and all engine gaskets, seals etc after a slinger cleaning. Thanks for your tips and suggestions.

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At the top of my /2 parts

At the top of my /2 parts suppliers is Vech at Benchmark Works. Another source would be BMW Hucky's.


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Seals and bearings can

Seals and bearings can generally be obtained at a bearing house. Cycle Works supplies these items at a modest markup. The only exception I'm aware of is the taper bearing upgrade to the steering head, which is a special bearing not generally available. Cycle Works, Benchmark Works and BMW dealers will be able to supply these.


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Tool for removing the crankshaft of a 1965 r60

Would anyone know where I could get the tools needed to remove the ball bearing and gear from crankshaft. I am rebuilding a 1965 r60? Is there anyone that would be willing to sell or rent these tools?


Bob Michel

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