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This bike is now offered on eBay as an unrestored original:


It looks nice, but the pattern of the pin-striping on the tank looks wrong to me, and the serial number on the steering head has been painted over, suggesting that the frame has been repainted. This is not cosmically important, but I am curious about how others would judge the originality claim.


Jon Miller
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Looks like a nice bike,but

Looks like a nice bike,but definitely not "original" paint. Look at the incorrect pinstriping on the tank,and the fenders look like they are "tape striped",maybwe a quick "cosmetic" cleaning up was done,to the detriment of the bike it seems.
The bottom shocks are painted black onthe front,and look at the headlight ear,and the ornage peeled paint next to "perfect" paint. This is sold by a dealer,so I doubt they have true knowledge of the history. It is all a gamble buying sight unseen.


Thomas M.
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