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A good friend from Europe sent me this last week. It's a lock that goes through the cardan and has a roller that I presume prevents tampering. It arrived in what looks to be the original box, along with a wax-paper product description which reads: "Anti-theft for BMW motorcycles" and has an illustration of it locked onto a 1920s BMW with the cardan brake. I had not seen one before.

More and higher-res photos here. Pretty cool.


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It kind of reminds me of a

It kind of reminds me of a disk brake lock. I wonder how much damage one can do if one attempted to ride off with the lock in place.

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Seriously neat in an

Seriously neat in an only-in-the-20's dorky kind of way ! So: Let me ask the obvious question-have you tried it out yet, and does it work?


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BMW did not supply any kind

BMW did not supply any kind of ignition key for these bikes, not even the "spike" -- which was introduced in 1935 on the R12. Fork locks weren't added until a couple years later. I guess this answers the question about whether people were just more honest in the past, so that no vehicle lock was required.


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