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I'm struggling to identify this fender that I picked up recently with a bunch of other parts:

It matches up perfectly with a 1940s/early 1950s twin fork lower.

It looks like the paint is original (or at least very old), and the edges look factory rolled(?), which makes me believe it is not a valenced fender that has been cut down. Hence my confusion.

More details photos are in this public album.

I also hacked this page together showing all BMW models and a photo.

What is it?


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Well it dosent look like any

Well it dosent look like any of my pre war fenders or 1950 to 54. It "looks" more like an R26 R27, Have you checked if it suits an 18 inch rim or an 19 inch rim. This would be a lead. The stays are not factory as you can see the swage on the end is not formed correctly. compare it with you R60 you see what I mean. So disregard the stays and the pinstripe is not correct , they are too far apart cheers Peter

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