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It appears i have sprung a bit of a leak around the kick start at the back of tranny . I am sure it must be a seal problem . My question is does anyone have experience with this ? Is this something that can be handled without special tools, I assume rearend, and tranny will have to be removed ,if so is this the time to go thru it?
The bike is new to me ,but it looks like push rod tube seals are new , bike runs great no other leaks i can tell , doesn't smoke starts right up.
I guess the real question is how difficult is seal in kick starter, i don't have any manuals to refer to .
Does anyone know of something online that will show the procedure?
I have just gotten back into the older bikes again after 10 years and i am loving it again , the new ones are great ,but just can't fiddle with them enough .
thanks again for all of your help.