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My R68 restoration continues: the frame and triples have spent the past few months at The Frame Man in CA. Good thing I sent it to them for evaluation - they detected that it had been involved in a front-end impact event. The frame they've been able to correct, but the triples are another story.

In their initial attempt to remove a twist from the triples, they noticed the stem was coming loose from the bottom triple. They stopped and called me, asking what to do. Vech's advice was to press out the stem, flux everything, and then tin it, press it back together and sweat the areas to braze everything back to one piece. I relayed this advice to them and they weren't comfortable with doing it, but they said they'd take another look. They did, and now discovered that not only is the stem loosening in its seat, but they said the impact started to sheer the stem.

So: any advice on how to proceed, or a potential source for just a stem, or better yet a bottom triple with stem for a plunger twin?


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Chris I doubt it would be

Chris I doubt it would be difficult for a local machine shop to turn a new 0ne , I have made them for my R 12, shouldn't cost more that $100, you first need to check the triple tree for being concentric if not bore it true the make a new stem cheers Peter

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