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HI does anybody knows the numbers of the bearings that uses the r51/3 in the gearbox, because mine are too old and with too much rust and dissappears the numbers on it, thanks

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I don't recall the bearing

I don't recall the bearing numbers for my /3 tranny rebuild. I do recall that the bearing on the back of the input shaft was a bear to find, it's not a normal bearing. The inner race isn't fixed in the bearing, but just a ring that you press on over the end of the shaft.

The other ones you ought to be able to get just by taking them to a bearing house and letting the counterman measure them. Maybe they can order the funny one, too.

I see that you're in Guatemala. I have no idea how easy or hard it is to find a bearing house there.

You might look up Bench Mark Works or Brent Hansen in our Resource Links area (button on the left sidebar, in the second group near the top of the page). They will know and probably tell you what you need for this job.


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