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I'm new to the forum and its been a big help so far but I'm a little stuck with my gas tank. I just inherited my fathers 1965 R69S and the tank is not terrible but it does have some rust issues. I just had the carbs done and I don't want to clog them up so I'm looking for either a good do it yourself system or a place around the de pa md area that does good tank work without having to repaint. Any advice would be a big help thank you.

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The DIY method is to use a

The DIY method is to use a product such as POR-15 or Caswell Plating to reseal the tank. First, you'll need to knock all of the rust off the inside of the tank. This involves using these kits which contain an etcher along with a bunch of bolts, nuts, and screws. You shake-rattle-roll until you get all of the rust pieces off. Drain, flush numerous times. Then you proceed with the sealing.

You'll need to find a way to stopper the tank inlet/outlet to keep the compounds inside and not mess up the tank. You should remove the petcock and push a piece of rubber up inside the stub so the sealant doesn't flow into the outlet effectively plugging it.

There are a few other products out there...might do some searching on the forum. One product that has been mentioned recently on another BMW forum is Red Kote.


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