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Hi all,
My R26 usually won't settle down to idle for a few moments after stopping; it hangs up at a couple K rpm.
I've gone thru the carb recently and all the items that may pertain are good. The slide is pretty new, no scars,
scratches, and slides nicely thru the carb. Cable is new, no kinks or hang/ups in the routing. No air leaks.
Not relevant here, but carb was just soaked, blasted, and all gaskets and brass parts were also replaced.
The idle issue predates this rebuild. When warming up, the idle is low/fine. After a ride when hot,
the idle hangs up and slooowly comes down. I have concerns about the slide return spring. I have a new
correct one, #13 11 0039 167. It is 90mm long. It replaced another one, #unknown, that was 68m long.
I thought a longer and correct part # spring might cure it, but it didn't. I have the feeling that the long spring
actually gets so bent out of shape when the slide is up that it doesn't push "down", but that the pressure may
be sideways. Does anyone have any thoughts, or better yet any actual experience with this phenomenon on a single?

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Maybe your advance unit is

Maybe your advance unit is sticking and not allowing the RPMs to come down. Consider taking it off and cleaning it. Maybe replace the springs on the advance unit to help pull the weights back to rest when you slow down.


Kurt in S.A.
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