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dear All,
I am a new member of the Forum..
I live mainly in Canada, but I still go back to Italy quite often..
I have just taken a R75/5 SWB year 1972 and I still own a 'naked' R100Rs year 1984-85 in Italy
I will be happy to know all of you and to participate in the discussions.
Talk to you soon,

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Hey lorenzo! Is this
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1960 R-26 help needed

Greetings from Florida,

I'm a new member and a new owner of a 1960 R-26. I'm currently attempting to disassemble it and using the factory manual is a joke. Where can I go to find tech help? At the moment, I'm trying to pull the front wheel bearings, so I can send the wheel off to be respoked and get the hub cleaned up.

This is a very simple bike, but with no clear pictures or descriptions, it's easy to do more harm than good when taking it apart. Many thanks to all.



1960 R-26

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Bonjour,Hello or Howdee.

New to the site but not motorcycles.
I have been riding bikes for many years and still very enthusiastic.
I have in my modest collection a 80/7 of the 1977 vintage.
Owned by myself for more than the 30 years (one previous owner.....the (Gendarmes !!!) so had a hard life before I bought it.
It has been very reliable and given me much enjoyment both for pleasure riding and and day to day transport.
Hope all readers of this (if any) will have had such experience as I have had and still have with their motor cycles.
Please will you excuse me (for the time being) as I am desirous of searching the site and enjoying the content.
I extend my thanks' to the person or people who operate this site and to all the contributors to it.





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Re-vitalizing '64 R69S

In December of 1986, I left my R69S at my brother's shop to see if he could get it to start more readily. It runs great when it finally starts, but it just doesn't want to fire. My oldest son wants this bike (and my '48 Indian Chief) as part of his share of my estate -- and would like to ride the bike to Sturgis with me and a friend sometime in the near future. This motivates me to get this machine in good shape. Besides, I like riding it! I expect to spend some time on the forum pondering what to do to make this thing fire up. My guess is that it has a weak spark, even though I have replaced the coil. I am also bothering people on the AMCA forum with this issue.
Eventually, I'll learn how to attach a photos of the bike.

  • 1978_-_gwt__brent_on_64_bmw_r69s.jpg

George Tinkham
1964 R69S

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Welcome! That's a nice goal

Welcome! That's a nice goal to have. Sounds like the bike needs some TLC to ensure that the valves, carbs, and ignition are up to spec. Also, the magneto needs to be timed correctly to get the best spark at kicking speed. Unfortunately, a magneto develops a better spark as the speed increases, so magneto timing needs to be right since kicking speed is pretty slow.


Kurt in S.A.
'78 R100/7 '69 R69S '52 R25/2

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I see you found your way over here. I hope that you can resolve the starting issue. A lot of BMW information on here.

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