Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The board of trustees of the club wants you to know that the long delayed Winter issue of Classic BMW Motorräder is today at the printers and should mail in a week or so.

We are extremely sorry about the delay. As you may know, past president and editor, Jeff Yost had to step down at the beginning of the year due to health issues. As his last act, he delivered the Fall issue to us in the first quarter and it mailed in early March.

Trustee Hans Rosenstein has stepped up and taken over the club presidency. He is also temporarily acting as the magazine editor, but we are still looking for a volunteer to take over this job. If you want to apply, please use the contact form to tell the club secretary about your interest. Without an independent editor, we risk falling into this same problem again in the future.

Unfortunately, we've also had to accept the resignation of our layout designer. Becca Arsenault produced the last two years' issues for us and did a beautiful job. No one on the board wanted to lose the detailed and exciting look she brought to the new, full color magazine. We knew that her style was irreplaceable, but we didn't want to give up on producing a magazine that stands out from the crowd.

We are therefore fortunate indeed to have John Jordan join us as our new layout designer. He has produced a great 1st issue which we hope you'll enjoy in a couple weeks.

I also want to ensure you that, while we're working to catch up on the magazine and bring it back on track and schedule, you will all receive all the issues you are owed. Until we catch up, your membership expiration date may show that your membership has expired. But we won't end any memberships until the last issue they are due has been sent.

You will know that you have received the 2nd to last issue when your mailing label reads *** RENEW NOW ***; and the last issue and the end of your membership will come with *** LAST ISSUE *** on the label. If you log into your club account here on the website, your account page will show your membership status, regardless of the listed expiration date.

Thanks to you all for your patience as we have worked through this period of uncertainty. We hope to reward your faith and trust in us with a new and even better club magazine.

UPDATE 8/7; the winter issue mailed yesterday. Hans is working to produce the Spring issue quickly, hopefully in the next month. We all want to get the magazine back on track. You can help by volunteering, or suggesting a volunteer, to take over the editorial duties of the magazine. You can also submit an article - a trip, an event, something interesting you learned about your bike or even about yourself through your old bike hobby. We would love to have a diversity of stories, but we can only do that if you help out! Thanks!