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I received the following emails this morning, and I'm passing them along. Please contact Pierre Mallmann directly for more information:


Pierre Mallmann sent a message using the contact form at

Hi at Vintage BMW,
we are a german production company operating from Munich, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. Our client BMW is currently asking us to pitch for a corporate video production in which we would need a BMW R 35, R 65 and R 100.
The filming should be done in California. If you can help with any contact into private owners or vintage BMW clubs in California, you would do us a great favour.
Thanks and best Regards


Hi Darryl,

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Pierre! I can post this request on our website, if you'd like.
That would be very nice of you... my email is:
So if people like to send pics of their bikes, the are very welcomed.

There are also a few email lists that might help your needs.
I checked the Internet this morning. We found three outfits in Cali who may be useful, but since the time diefference is 9 hrs. You are the first to respond. And I really dig your help in any way in this matter.

Do you have a preference among the various R65 and R100 models?
The only further detail I have is that the R100 should be a "R 100 custom"

Would you prefer an R35 in civilian trim or a military bike?
Civilian bikes, definetely, since its a lifestyle video. And since most of them were black, any other original colour is even more appreciated.

NOTE: The three bikes, we finally select should be in good driving conditions, and the owners should be willing to leave the bikes with our actors / drivers during the filming. (Insurance is guaranteed by the prod.)

Do you have some contact information you'd like to include, and a time frame for your needs?
The filming should take place in June, preferably early June, all depending on the production logistics we have to collect.

And, when you say "California", it covers a lot of territory, nearly as large as Spain and 1.5 times the size of Germany.
Yes, I am aware of that. The fact is, that rare motorcycles may have to be transported and taken care of by the owners. Our client asks for Cali as a general shooting spot. We´d say, the best base is L.A. for its logistics and the nice areas we can use to film riding the bikes. And since L.A. is also close to Nevada, we may go as far as Vegas to find the right bikes. But yes, L.A. would be the base..., if not for some reason, all three bikes appear in San Francisco. Then we may reconsider the location.

Do you have a locale for your production?
Not yet. The request came in this morning and I havent yet been in touch with local production comps. They usually have space to store effects.

We're happy to help where we can!
That is my motto... You are the man !!! BIG THANKS for whatever you may be able to do...

Best Regards

Pierre Mallmann
SETUP production services S.L.
+34 639 944 499
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