Production Model Years
1974 - 1976
Frame and Engine Numbers
4010001 - 4012831
4020001 - 4023688
4030001 - 4035306
4910001 - 4911087
4940001 - 4942087
4945001 - 4947578
4010001 - 4012831
4020001 - 4023688
4030001 - 4035306
4910001 - 4911087
4940001 - 4942087
4945001 - 4947578
Model Specifications
Displacement 745cc
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke (mm) 82 x 70.6
HP @ RPM 50 @ 6200
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Valves OHV, 2 per cylinder
Clutch Dry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission 5 speed, foot shifted
Final Drive Driveshaft
Running Gear
Frame Tubular steel double cradle
Front Suspension Hydraulically damped telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Twin shock swingarm
Front Brakes ATE 260mm hydraulic disc single piston
Rear Brakes 200mm drum, single leading shoe
Ignition Battery/coil
Spark Plugs Bosch W5DC
Generator Bosch G1 14 13V 21A 280W
Capacities & Measurements
Weight 215kg
Fuel 18l (optional, 22l)
Wheelbase 1465mm
Top Speed 177kph
Number Produced 17587

Serial numbers from 4010001 - 4035306 were delivered outside the US; 4910001 - 4947578 were US only models.


R75/6 (1975)

enzorocket's picture

Totally new to the forum and to owning a classic... its been a long time dream to own a BMW R75 and I finally have one (1975 R75/6). Have found out pretty quickly that ive bought a hobby and one that will definitely keep me on my toes!

Question to the forum if anyone can help.

I have had repeated issues starting the bike - especially now its 3Âșc in the UK... It never seems to fire.
I spent all weekend trying to get it started, ending up draining the battery and repeating the cycle the following day.
I have changed the plugs, checked for spark which is all good and ensured fuel is coming into carbs (I have managed to get it started over the last few weeks using easy start spray - but not this time).

After a no-go on Sunday - the AA (The AutoMobile Association (AA in UK) to have a look at it. They turned up Monday, plugged their portable batter pack to mine asked me to turn it over... As soon as I hit the ignition button she turned over and fired! boom - right off the bat - no hesitation at all. Amazing.

It seems the battery i had in there just doesn't have the welly to crank her over, so started researching new batteries.
Odyssey Extremes have come up several times as they apparently have twice to three times the cranking power of a standard battery - and the model im looking at getting is the PC535 - which has terminals the correct way and also will fit in my existing battery box.

Wondering if any of you guys have had any experience with these batts and that ive made the right choice?

thanks in advance - Enzo.

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