Production Model Years
1970 - 1973
Frame and Engine Numbers
2970001 - 3000000
4000001 - 4008371
4009001 - 4010000
2970001 - 3000000
4000001 - 4008371
4009001 - 4010000
Model Specifications
Displacement 745cc
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke (mm) 82 x 70.6
HP @ RPM 50 @ 6200
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Valves OHV, 2 per cylinder
Clutch Dry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission 4 speed, foot shifted
Final Drive Driveshaft
Running Gear
Frame Tubular steel double cradle
Front Suspension Hydraulically damped telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Twin shock swingarm
Front Brakes 200mm drum, dual leading shoe
Rear Brakes 200mm drum, single leading shoe
Ignition Battery/coil
Spark Plugs Bosch W5DC
Generator Bosch G1 14 13V 19A 180W
Capacities & Measurements
Weight 198kg
Fuel 24l (from 1971, 17l)
Wheelbase 1385mm, LWB models: 1435mm
Top Speed 175kph
Number Produced 38370

First civilian 12V bikes. First electric start bikes. First production bikes with a tachometer.


1974 slash 6 vin "run"?

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While trying to save another worthy airhead, I ran into muddy water at the Visalia CA CHP office when the officer ran the vin number. His computer showed that my 1970 Bmw r75/5 vin with matching engine number came up on another 1974 Bmw R90. My vin starts with 297xxxx and I need to know the vin "run" for 1974 bmws so I can show dmw their error. I'm fairly certain slash 6's are 400xxxx or something higher then a 297xxxx.

Find each model with VIN numbers

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You can look up each model and see the VIN numbers they came with. For example, the R90/6 model is here:, and the R90S model is here:

But I think you may be having a problem because someone put an R90 engine into a /5 frame. The frames and engines are pretty much all mix and match, and there are a lot of "Frankenbikes" out there. In this case, probably a digit was transposed or entered wrong. My experience is that California is a stickler for details and you're going to have trouble getting this registered.

--Darryl Richman
"Bling is not made in Germany" --OTL, 12/05


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I'm considering buying a R75/5 with toaster tank in California. I live in Hawaii (the bike would stay in California) The serial number checks out as built 1/10/1969 according to FCP Euro. I'm checking with the BMW folks now. The FCP build date is odd since the Toaster tank wasn't introduced until 72 as far as I can find. More research required.

Being the bike is in California and no tax/fee can go uncollected, my concern is that an odd record will show up having been registered to General Antonio Santa Ana or something as ridiculous and the registration back fees will be more than the bike is worth.

My question to the group is:

1. Has anyone ever registered and moreover, titled a vehicle with no previous history in California?
2. It has been stated that as long as there is no history, a CHP check, insurance, title fee, and registration fee are all that's required. True?
3. Any advice on avoiding issues?

Thanks all,

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