Production Model Years
1970 - 1973
Frame and Engine Numbers
2900001 - 2907865 / 2900001 - 2907865
Model Specifications
Displacement 498cc
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke (mm) 67 x 70.6
HP @ RPM 32 @ 6400
Compression Ratio 8.6:1
Valves OHV, 2 per cylinder
Clutch Dry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission 4 speed, foot shifted
Final Drive Driveshaft
Running Gear
Frame Tubular steel double cradle
Front Suspension Hydraulically damped telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Twin shock swingarm
Front Brakes 200mm drum, dual leading shoe
Rear Brakes 200mm drum, single leading shoe
Ignition Battery/coil
Spark Plugs Bosch W5DC
Generator Bosch G1 14 13V 19A 180W
Capacities & Measurements
Weight 398kg
Fuel 24l (from 1971, 17l)
Wheelbase 1385mm, LWB models: 1435mm
Top Speed 157kph
Number Produced 7865


My Baby

doublejj's picture

Shes a "71" swb, that I got back in the 80's.

She was born with the basic silver grey BMW paint. In her juvenile years, 7 coats of lacquer "rawhide" color with a Unicorn was on her. Her adult years now, she sports a Camilion, Cyan to purple, from House of colors. People ask what color is it? I reply from which direction are you looking from Smile

She has a Toaster tank and chrome side plates from a junk R75 I had. I added a "police" solo seat to give a bobber effect. She also got some brackets near the headlight for a fairing still on, But I ride her naked for now Smile.

I have a temperature oil gauge dipstick (not stock for a /5). The gal that had it before me, had 1 ring cut off the shocks to lower it, and a long piece added on the shifter for her foot. I never took it off. She has never been operated on, and she needs a few rusted bolts replaced. Not correct for the period is a gel cell battery.


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