Production Model Years
1977 - 1978
Frame and Engine Numbers
6040001 - 6043414
6045001 - 6047995
6140001 - 6142451
6145001 - 6148196
6040001 - 6043414
6045001 - 6047995
6140001 - 6142451
6145001 - 6148196
Model Specifications
Displacement 980cc
Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke (mm) 94 x 70.6
HP @ RPM 60 @ 6500
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Valves OHV, 2 per cylinder
Clutch Dry, single plate, cable operated
Transmission 5 speed, foot shifted
Final Drive Driveshaft
Running Gear
Frame Tubular steel double cradle
Front Suspension Hydraulically damped telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Twin shock swingarm
Front Brakes Single ATE 260mm hydraulic disc single piston
Rear Brakes 200mm drum, single leading shoe
Ignition Battery/coil
Spark Plugs Bosch W6DC
Generator Bosch G1 14 13V 21A 240W
Capacities & Measurements
Weight 215kg
Fuel 24l
Wheelbase 1465mm
Top Speed 188kph
Number Produced 12056

Serial numbers 614xxxx were delivered to the United States; the remainder were delivered to the rest of the world.


My new old R100/7 questions

hoghungry1's picture

Serial number 6146953 is equipped with a Luftmeister fairing and a sissy bar with pad. I read somewhere that was an option that was available? It was originally owned by the service manager at Caldwell's BMW here in WV. Would it affect the value in any way if I were to remove the fairing and install a smaller one? The one on it feels unwieldy and tall. I am only 5'8" tall. Also can these bikes be lowered safely with shorter shocks without affecting handling? I am mainly a HD owner (have 3) but have always lusted after an old Airhead.

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