You can learn more about the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club and membership details at this link.

You can print out the PDF file below, fill it in and send it in with a check (drawn on US funds) or with your credit card information, to join or renew your membership.

New Memberships

To join the club, just follow this link!

Membership Renewals

You can only renew your membership online when you are logged in to your club-assigned account.

Our system knows who you are by the account you are using. As you are not currently logged in, the system doesn't know who you are or your membership number. If you are a current or lapsed member, you will have to login to your club-assigned account before you can renew online.

If you are a current or lapsed VBMWMO member, please do not register a new account and do not buy a new membership. These actions will not allow you to renew your membership. Instead, follow these instructions:

To renew your existing club membership:

Gift Memberships

When purchasing a new membership for someone else, be sure to use the gift recipient's address as the shipping address.

Downloadable Membership Application

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