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Electrics - Part I: Ignition

In the 20s, Harley dropped the use of magnetos and went to battery/coil (Kettering system) ignition. This must have reflected increasing confidence in the capacity and capability of batteries available at the time. The Kettering system is both simpler and delivers a hotter spark at kickstarting speeds.

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More on the Harley JD Model

I thought I would just make the comparison between the JD and the R52/R62 (R62 shown) a little stronger:

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50 Entrants Today!

The 50th entrant was added to the Cannonball roster today. Looks like there will only be the two BMWs, my '28 R52 and Jack Wells' '29 R11 (#23 ridden by Norm Nelson).

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Happy Thanksgiving and a 2nd BMW

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Last night a couple more entrants were added to the Cannonball Rider's page, including Norm Nelson on a 1929 BMW R11. Unfortunately, the Rider Profile isn't filled in yet.

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When you have old bikes, even old BMWs that you want to "ride as the maker intended", you end up needing to haul them around in a 4 wheeled contrivance, sometimes more than one at a time. We have an old Toyota Tacoma that has been doing this duty for years now, but there are several drawbacks to it:

  • It's open to the elements: wind, rain;
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Rumors of more BMWs

At least as of this posting, I am the only entry running a BMW. Lots of Harleys (16), Hendersons (8‍), Indians (7). And there are single entries of a few other brands: BSA, Excelsior, Rudge and Triumph. I am not sure, but the Rudge might be the smallest bike entered, if it's a 350cc model. Otherwise, the Triumph and my R52 are the smallest displacement entries at 500cc.

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My Bike's history

I will mention this or that about the history of the bike here, but I have an exhaustive thread about my 1928 R52 over on my personal website. Rather that retype it and reformat it here, I direct you to that location. But feel free to ask questions here and I will be happy to talk about anything I've missed.

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Ride 'Em, Don't Hide 'Em

Photo © Anastasia Keriotis/Dharma Love

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About the Motorcycle Cannonball and My Blog:

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