The Benefits of Membership

Your membership in the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club brings you the quarterly Classic BMW Motorräder magazine, which you will find to be full of articles and relevant advertising. Past issues have included detailed and well written articles on many topics, such as troubleshooting electrics, what to watch out for when buying a prewar bike and how to repair the Hi/Lo/Horn switch on the 50s and 60s bikes.

Along with the Classic BMW Motorräder magazine, your membership gives you full access to the club forums, with more forum areas including classified ads that are only between members. No more Nigerian certified checks and online auctions offering goods that don't exist. You'll also be able to create online galleries here that will let you share photos of your bikes with others.

Club membership also allows you to buy Members-only items in the VBMWMO Store. BMW's rules prevent us from selling club logo items to nonmembers. (Nonmembers may buy items that display the V-and-R32 signet that is part of our logo.)

Your Membership Status and Information

As a member, you can visit your personal account page, where you can see your current mailing address, membership status, and membership expiration date. By clicking on the Edit tab, you can update your forum-visible information or change your password. By clicking on the Profile tab, you can update your mailing address.

You should also watch the mailing label on your copies of Classic BMW Motorräder. When you receive the last-but-one issue, you will see *** RENEW NOW *** emblazoned there. The next issue will have *** LAST ISSUE *** instead, and within couple weeks of its mailing, we will send you a reminder postcard. However, our experience is that postcards sometimes get lost in the mail, so be aware of the mailing label!

If you ever have a question or a problem regarding your membership, don't hesitate to contact our club secretary via the contact form here on the website, or call the club office: phone: 866-672-6966 or 414-333-6987; fax: 414-456-9790.